Most of us rely very much on air conditioners to live a comfortable life. But we rarely realize that our air conditioners have to work hard to keep us cool and healthy by providing quality indoor air. However, when it suddenly stops working then instead of panicking we must try to know the reason behind the breakdown. 

If you do not have time or any experience in this regard then you must call an HVAC contractor to take care of your air conditioning unit. The information provided in this write-up can help you in making the right decision regarding the repair or replacement of your broken down air conditioner.

Even if you do not have much experience in troubleshooting the problem in your air conditioner still can know the basic reasons behind its breakdown by inspecting it properly. While inspecting the air conditioner you should check:

  • Leaks in its condenser pipes and refrigerant
  • Whether it is blowing cold air or not
  • Whether it is making weird noises

After checking these components you can roughly know the reason for the breakdown of your air conditioner.

The Benefits Of Hiring An Air Conditioner Specialist

If you are not competent to take care of your air conditioner then you must call an AC expert contractor for several reasons like:

  • Help in making the right decision to repair or replace your faulty air conditioner
  • Use energy efficiency by installing an air conditioner of the right size
  • Ensure safety while installing an air conditioner as the wrong installation can lead to harmful conditions
  • Proper air conditioner coil repair or replacement based on long experience
  • Improve the quality of indoor air by troubleshooting the problem efficiently
  • Guaranteed peace of mind and satisfaction

How To Determine If Your AC Unit Needs To Be Replaced Or Repair?

When your air conditioner stops working then it is time to decide whether you should get it repaired or to replace it. Your decision can be based on various factors including the age of the AC unit, its repairing cost, and energy efficiency of the unit.

Age of AC Unit: Normally the life span of an air conditioner is considered as 10 years depending upon the frequency and duration of using it. If your AC is older than ten years then it should be replaced with a new unit with the latest technologies.

Cost of repairing an existing unit: If your existing air conditioner requires to be repaired frequently then you must plan to replace it. If it is making weird noises, not cooling air, or often breaks down and the cost of repairing it is high then you must replace it. If the condenser or compressor has failed to work properly then instead of repairing then you must replace these parts of your AC to let it serve for several more years.

The energy efficiency of the unit: If your old air conditioner is consuming more energy due to the use of old technology in it then you must replace it whenever it stops working properly next time. By replacing the AC with one with the latest technology you will be using energy more efficiently than ever.